Sunday, August 8, 2010

Jesse Stone: No Remorse

No Remorse, the sixth entry in the made-for-TV series of Jesse Stone mysteries featuring Robert B. Parker's small-town police chief, is another satisfying blend of detective thrills and character drama, anchored by coproducer-cowriter Tom Selleck's typically fine turn as Stone. Picking up shortly after the events of the previous Stone film, Thin Ice, the action finds Stone struggling with suspension from the force and his alcohol issues; intervention from old friend Commander Healy (Stephen McHattie) gets him back on his feet and on the trail of a serial killer preying on young men. Stone and his deputies (Kathy Baker and Kohl Sudduth) uncover a trail that leads them to Boston mob boss Gino Fish (William Sadler), whose secret past may uncover the guilty party. Meanwhile, Stone has to deal with a rash of convenience store robberies that have turned deadly, as well as his ex-wife and relationship issues with his new dog, Reggie. Though the tone is a bit darker than previous Stone features, and the resolution of the convenience store subplot somewhat rushed, the performances, led by Selleck and abetted by an all-pro supporting cast (which includes William Devane as Stone's shrink and Saul Rubinek as the hapless Hasty Hathaway), are engaging, and the direction by Robert Harmon top-notch. Sadly, No Remorse was the last Jesse Stone film to see production during Parker's lifetime, but under Selleck's stewardship, fans can rest assured that Jesse Stone will continue in good hands. The widescreen DVD offers no extras. --Paul Gaita

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