Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Yanni Voices Live in Concert (2009)

Following the release of the successful Yanni Voices CD, world renowned, GRAMMY® nominated pianist, composer, and producer, Yanni, makes a triumphant return to the stage with the new Yanni Voices Live in Concert DVD featuring over two hours of concert footage from the Forum in Acapulco, Mexico. For the first time ever, Yanni shares the stage with new vocal sensations Nathan Pacheco, Leslie Mills, Ender Thomas and Chloe - each of them lending their voices and lyrics to Yanni's beloved classics and new songs. Emjoy hours of Yanni with bonus content from the Spanish 'Voices'. DVD Includes: 1. Open 2. Nican (In Your Heart) 3. Unico Amore (Enchantment) Performed by Nathan Pacheco 4. Ritual De Amor (Desire) Performed by Ender Thomas 5. Before the Night Ends Performed by Leslie Mills 6. Vivi Il Tuo Sogno (Almost a Whisper) Performed by Nathan Pacheco 7. Within Attraction 8. Change Performed by Chloe 9. Bajo El Cielo De Noviembre (November Sky) Performed by Ender Thomas 10. Mi Todo Eres Tú (Until the Last Moment) Performed by Ender Thomas and Chloe 11. Duet Performed by Jason and Sam 12. Theory of Everything Performed by Leslie Mills 13. Omaggio (Tribute) Performed by Nathan Pacheco and Chloe 14. Our Days Performed by Leslie Mills & Chloe 15. En Silencio Performed by Ender Thomas 16. Kill Me With Your Love Performed by Chloe 17. Amare Di Nuovo (Adagio in C Minor) Performed by Nathan Pacheco 18. Nei Tuoi Occhi (In the Mirror) Performed by Nathan Pacheco and Chloe 19. The Keeper Performed by Leslie Mills 20. Quédate Conmigo Performed by Ender Thomas and Chloe 21. The Storm 22. Niki Nana Performed by Chloe 23. Santorini

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